Here Is What Our Team Members/Affiliates Are Saying About The Premiere Mindset Training & "BIG MONEY in Small Trades"
My name is Cherilynn Stone and I am from Anchorage, Alaska. I have been trading for over two years now. I had NO trading experience before this awesome, simple system. Now, thanks to the simplicity of the system, and the mind set training, I am trading like a pro. The mind set training has made all the difference in my trading. I honestly don't know how I lasted so long without it. It has helped me to be more focused, confident, and at ease in my trading, and opened up doors of opportunity in other areas because of the mental training I have received. Thank you Doug, for an excellent program that continues to get better and better. 

Cherilynn, Alaska

I've been Day Trading since I took the Simple System Classic Class on May 8th of 2005. I did really great on my demo but almost blew up my account twice after going live! I wasn't doing what I learned. Something in me had changed and I couldn't explain it. The Premiere Mindset Class Workshop absolutely gave me what I needed to get back on track. Now I enjoy Day Trading more than I ever did! I highly recommend you get this training while it is available to you. You actually enjoy Day Trading like never before! 

Warren, Texas

Hello, my name is Ed Schuchardt, and I live deep in heart of central Texas. I had traded for a good period of time when I ran across Dougs course, realized the value in it and how it could help many people. I took the course and improved my own skills. Doug, who is a natural instructor, has taught hundreds and in the course, he spends a good amount of time and focuses intently on the correct mind set for a person to trade. Little do people realize how important and critical this is until they actually do trade with real money. On the technical side, he teaches clear and simple set-ups that are visual and easy to see. In a nut shell, it can change your life. 

Ed, Texas

I want to tell you how much I'm loving what you teach! It's just what I've been looking for. A great method that's not totally mechanical, but that has you use your brain and hopefully intuition. It's just wonderful!  

Shannie, HI

I have been with Kosoma for several years. When I first started I knew very little, if anything about Internet Affiliate programs. Kosoma helped me learn everything I needed to know about building a business online, gave me all the tools, and even some businesses to work with. Vital info such as list building.

As the years have gone by, Doug at Kosoma has introduced new ways to earn according to the trend and what he found successful thru research. Our Index Trading Program we have now is terrific. Even if you don't want to trade, the set up he has for referring other to the classes (because believe me... LOTS of people want to trade) is a money making business right there.

This business has enabled me many times to do things I never would have been able to do. Helped us thru ups and downs with health problems, and other financial changes.

I absolutely without reservation would reccomend Kosoma, the Index Trading Program and this terrific addition of the Premeire Membership package to anyone. I have been able to earn online now for 6 years and its the only way to go!  

Holly K,way out in the OK boonies!

I did live trading today. I freaked myself out my first trade. I knew the market was going to go down through my intuition and indicators so I went short. It went up a couple of ticks and when it got back to my position I bailed and ended even minus commission.

I decided to try again and this time have the mindset that I used when trading demo. I ended the day at 7:20a with $550. I am thrilled and if I just stay focused on what you taught and trust my intuition also, I do fine.

Thanks for your support.  

Linda DD, CA
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You have had probably the best (affiliate) commissions I've seen on the net....                                                                                           .

Talk to you later,  

Jerry, Alaska

I've been a fan of yours for 3 years!! You have done an excellent job with your training program.

....I've always loved your E-Mini deal and all that it offers neophytes like myself.

I'll be on tonight's call, and would love to point 10 or 20 other new people to the call so that I can begin building a nice group of index traders and referral commissions.  

Richard, USA

Hello Doug and all of you at Kosoma,

This is the one mail I' ve been looking forward to write.My name is Svein Stensletten, ID: 1672.I used to be one of your trading students back in May 2005, and I loved it.Then a serious accident put me on the sideline for more than a year, so now I need to get back in business again.

My goal was to start trading again as soon as I was capable of driving my great 2003 Merc. So imagine my joy when holding my license again on the 5th of this month, and knowing this also was the new start for my trading career. Handling the trading platform + chart, and driving a car need much of the same attention I feel.

You at Kosoma have your part of my struggle back to where I am today. Listening to some of the recordings I made of the first trading lessons and early morning sessions with Doug and the class helped me a lot when days were really tough to get through. Later, when I once again was able to watch the early morning moves on my computer, I more and more often could tell which direction the marketwould move. Great!!

I'm really looking forward to join in again. Wish you all the best over there, and may we all get through this winter season healthy and sound.

All the best from Svein in Oslo, Norway.  

Svein, Norway

Hey Doug,

In just 3 weeks of live trading I have taken my account from the $5,000 I opened with to $11,948.54.

Summary of Daily Trading Activity chart attached.

I traded with 10 contracts for every trade this week. The first week I traded just one contract, the second week I traded 5 contracts. Just like you covered in the class. This is the most awesome money maker I have ever been involved in!

Again, thanks for your instruction. It's right on the mark.


R. Fischer, USA
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Hi Doug

I hope you're doing great!

Just wanted to get in touch with a couple quick updates, and also talk to you about the referral program.

First thing I wanted to mention is that my demo acct. is already up $4,000 in 7 days of seriously trading. Not bad considering I'm still just learning and getting experience. :)

I'm also going to be doing some advertising as well as referring some friends and people I know, like my mom probably. I think this is just the kind of opportunity I would love to see her grab hold of... possibly one of the only ones I've ever felt this way about in 3 years of doing full-time business online.

Thanks for everything, Doug, and take care!  


Hi My name is Tim Fergus. I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I took Doug's daytrading class in FEB 2006 and I went live in MARCH 2006. A couple of months ago I was fortunate enough to be part of a group that Doug put together that taught you how to trade with the proper mindset. I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first about what this would accomplish. However, I quickly realized how valuable the Mindset Training is! Since I took the training my trading has dramtically improved. If you really want to be a successful trader this training is time and money very well spent. You will not be sorry. Have a Great Day and Happy Trading 

Tim Fergus, Chicago

Hi, I'm Madeleine Wagoner from Miami, Ok. I have been trading the DTME program for 1 1/2 yrs. Before that my trading experience was trading stocks about 3 yrs. I feel the new mind-set training is going to make me a more consistent, successful and caefree trader. The affiliate program is opening us other income streams that will make it possible to make an unlimited amount of money and bring more people into the Day Trade program.

Madeleine, Oklahoma

I have been involved with this program for the past three months. The mind set training has helped me to establish a foundation for trading. It is teaching me how to think about trading and also a side benefit is that it's giving me a look at the things that prevent me from reaching goals in my everyday life. So if you have ever wondered why you are not where you want to be, the mind-set training will answer such questions for you.

Barbara, LA, CA

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