Most questions we get are answered here. If you do not find an answer here to your question, please contact me, Doug West by email at: If I don't know the answer, I will find out and get back to you.

Q1: Do I have to subscribe to OIO PRO to participate?

A1) NO - you don't! Presently we are looking for Members who want to also be subscribers to OIO PRO and the members-only site. While subscribing is not mandatory, it will assure you of commissions in our 2 tier affiliate plan. Those who are not subscriber/members will have certain quotas they will need to meet each month to stay active. More info on the free aff plan will be posted as it becomes available. Without a paid membership, you won't have an affiliate site refer people to.

If you would rather get involved as a REP only, and endeavor to meet the minimum sales requirements each month, see the main page of my site for other options.

Q2: What actually are the products with OIO PRO?

A2) Information is the main product we are all offering. Info on home biz opportunities, Internet marketing, and other techniques for building an E-biz or presence on the net. This info is in the form of subscriptions to our OIO PRO ezine, ebooks, reports etc. In addition we offer online advertising and other services. Since most of our products and services are digital, and/or downloadable, they can be offered to anyone - anywhere in the world.

*** We have just added over 2500 wholesale items that you can use to sell on eBay and other online auctions (or for your own use as well). We will drop ship these products for you direct to your customers. To see what products are available see:

Q3: What are some of the services offered to members?

A3) From the members area you will be able to access the online manual that will show you how to build your business (any online biz for that matter). You will also be able to review your commissions, web page stats, and more.

Q4: If I don't keep my membership to OIO PRO or meet my sales requirements, what happens then?

A4) In that case your site will be deactivated as we are doing our commission run. (however, if you don't have a membership you won't have an affiliate site with us).

Q5: When do we get paid?

A5) We currently pay on or about the 15th of the month for the previous month's sales. We may go to 2 commission runs at some time in the future. Commissions are all deposited to your debit card or Pay Pal account once you earn at least $5.

***We have just added income streams from the Top Selling Free Affiliate programs on the net! Most folks don't know how to market an affiliate program or product, but with your OIO PRO membership we have done the work for you. Now you can also have several affiliate checks coming in several times a month, from various sources. All you have to do is give away Free information, and these income streams will all appear instantly for you. Many Super Affiliates earn thousands of dollars each month from free affiliate programs. We look for many of our members to join the ranks of the Super Affiliates, while building their OIO PRO income, and marketing their primary business or mlm offer at the same time. Just by using one of the simple tools we have for you, all of the above will happen. True Multiple Income Streams!

We also have several items that you can sell from your OIO PRO web site and receive Instant Income (you have 100% Resale Rights to these digital products - so you keep 100% of the income, paid instantly via Pay Pal, Storm Pay and other sources).

The $200 Bonuses for our optional Audio/Seminar upgrades are paid Daily!

Q6: What if I would rather have my commissions mailed?

A6) If you earn over $500 of OIO PRO income (not counting the affiliate income streams mentioned above) in any pay period, we may make other pay options available to you. If not, all commissions are deposited on the debit cards, or you may opt to have them deposited into your Pay Pal account. If you live in the USA, the $200 bonuses for Seminar/Audio Training sales are mailed daily via check.

Q7: What type of debit card is it?

A7) Currently the card is an Ikobo ecard. This card is owned by, and looks like a regular Master Card. In some areas, you can use it like a regular credit card. You can use it nearly anywhere that accepts debit or ATM cards. Some of the vendors that take ATM cards in the states are Wal-Mart (an excellent place to use the card for purchases and to get cash), K-Mart, and many other retail stores.

In most cases (for example at Wal-Mart) you won't be charged anything by the vendor for using the card. The bank who issues the card charges 50 cents for an ATM type transaction and a small monthly fee. There is no charge when you can use the card as a credit card type transaction. To use the card at an ATM machine choose the "Checking Account" option. There are also other benefits of the card that we will keep our members updated on. Once our numbers grow, we hope to start issuing regular Master Card debit cards.

Q8: Do we earn any commissions when downline members use their cards?

A8) We are working on this. It is possible to set it up. Once this feature is activated, you could be earning commissions every time anyone in your group uses the card! This could be nundreds of members if you get stated NOW!

Q9: What about those of us outside of the USA?

A9) That is one of the TOP features of our OIO PRO program - You can work it from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. We can also send our debit card to any country in the world. We hope to have better translation options ASAP.

Q10: What amount of income can I expect to earn?

A10) That is up to you. You can earn as much as you want, but your income will be in direct proportion to the amount of work you put into it. You income is truly unlimited. It is estimated that there are over 60 Million folks in the US alone that are looking for a legitimate way to earn money from home. It is not hard to find them. On top of that, add the Millions of people looking for an honest home biz in countries outside the US, with no smoke an mirrors, and you should be able to see that we have a real winner!

Q11: What if I have no experience in building a net biz?

A11) We have proven sales letters already set up for you in a follow up responder. All you need to do is follow the directions to get your biz up and running. If you can invest at least $25 to get the word out, we can show you how to be successful. If you can invest that amount monthly, you could be a HUGE success. There are many low and no cost ways to build your sales, even if you have little or no experience. If you are able to go to our order page and place an order, you have what it takes to succeed.