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By Adding Value To Your MLM Offer


Top 3 Reasons Why Web Marketers Fail
& What You Can Do To Avoid Them


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By Adding Value To Your MLM Offer
by Doug West 
(c) 2005 Kosoma Publishing 

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

* Why Would Someone Want To Be On My MLM Team?
* Could I Sponsor Myself?
* What Value-Added Services Do I Offer?
* What Can I Add or Offer as a Sponsor?

If you have not thought about these questions, you should.
Once you can answer them all in a positive way, you will
have come a long way toward Giant-Type MLM Income!

The old saying goes "a good sponsor takes a great program
and makes it better". Have you done that in your MLM biz?

Are there ANY benefits for someone signing up in the program
under you? If not, why not?

Telling someone "Hey, this is Great! Get in under me NOW!"
just does not work anymore. Savvy marketers want to know why
they should be in your group.

Do you or your upline have an online system? That is a Great
reason to be on your team! If it is your upline's system,
can you offer new members a walk-through or help in using
the system? 


What about a training program or a lead system? Do you know
some excellent places to advertise? There are many ideas in
this article - BUT ADD something to your home biz offer if
you want to be a better sponsor.

Maybe it is just a phone consultation or walk-through of the
team system. What about a few leads, or some sort of report,
or an ebook (get resale rights to "Online MLM Empires" and
give them a copy - IF they join you in your program).

Anything you can do to add value to your biz offer is going
to help you get more paying customers and/or downline team
members. Why not start adding value now!


Decide now if you will be a leader or a follower. It is OK
to be a follower. Most leaders start out as followers.
However, be true with yourself here. You can turn into a
leader if that is your goal. Even if you never have been a
leader before.

Some folks seem to be born followers. If that is you, don't
be discouraged. Just get on the team of a good leader, and
work their system. But, you must have a system! And if you
are going to build real wealth with your MLM or home biz
offer in today's world, it better be an online system! 

Sure, there will be and are HUGE groups that are being put
together through mail order, meetings, and other offline
strategies. But, the majority of folks are looking for
something to do from home. More and more MLMers are turning
to the Internet as a way to work their biz. We really have
not even scratched the service at this point.

If you are going to be a leader in the online MLM and home
biz phenomenon, then you are going to need a good online
system. A system that you can offer to your new team
members. It should be a system that is not too hard to use.
There are several out there, but many of them take a degree
in computer technology to use. A true leader will keep it
simple for his team.

The good news is that to become a leader you don't even have
to create your own system! Just use one that works, and
direct your team to it. If you can do that, and put the
other strategies outlined in this article into action, you
can be a leader in the industry!
Finally -- a Simple, Web-Based Training, Recruiting, and 
Motivating System that Teaches You Step-By-Step How to Make
Real Money Online with your MLM or Home Biz Offer! You can
start inexpensively with our system and earn TONS of money
online! I did, and I'll teach you exactly how I did it FR*EE
Here => http://oiopro.com/cash/kosoma/fcourse.shtml

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by Doug West
(c) 2005 Kosoma Publishing 

Are These Common Email Mistakes Costing You Business? 

I hope that you have already learned not to type your
email in ALL CAPS as that is considered YELLING. Also,
if you are doing business, I hope you are not one of 
those that types in all small case letters - no CAPS!

When I get an email like that it tells me the person is
too lazy to hit the shift key, and is probably not the
type of person I would want to do business with. Those
are just some basic points about email, but we wanted to
cover a few others that could make or break your online

Here is one of my pet peeves. You see something that you 
like, perhaps you may want to get it later, so you file it
away in your email program. When you are ready to purchase
the item or service, you email the person to tell them that
you are ready to buy, and guess what? The email bounces back
at you faster than a hot check. 

You carefully investigate to see that you have not made a 
mistake, or that there has been some kind of mail server 
problem. Maybe you send the email from a different account
or method. Maybe you have more than one ISP so you try
another one. Sure enough, the email comes right back at

What does all this have to do with your biz? Here is the
tip, and this is HUGE if you want to build a biz on the

 Get A Business Email Address & Never Change It - NEVER! 

We have done business with some folks who seem to change
email addresses every week. One man bragged that he had over
20 email addresses (and you could never get him to answer
you at any of them). 

Changing your business email address is like moving your 
brick-n-mortar biz. What if your favorite store moved every
week, and never told you where they were going? Or worse
yet, you notice a new shop or store of some kind that you
had not yet had the chance to visit, but were planning to.
By the time you get ready to go, the thing has packed up
and moved to a new location and left no forwarding address. 

This is SUICIDE for a business! Don't do it! 

Some online entrepreneurs think they can beat this rule by
sending everyone their new address each time they move. But
what about potential customers that are not yet on any of 
your lists? Those that have been thinking about contacting

We get orders and business from ads that we have ran YEARS
ago. Not every day, but they do trickle in, and every bit
helps your business to stay in business.

DON'T DO IT! Don't try to beat the system. Get one address
and keep it forever for your business. Sure, you can have a
separate address for your personal email, and it is OK to
change that one (just be sure to let your friends and family
members - at least the ones you want to have it- know where
you moved to) if you want - BUT - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER,
NEVER, NEVER, NO - NOT EVER do you want to change your
business email address - Just DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So how do you get one that you can keep forever? The best
one is at a domain you own. You@yourdomain.com or

If you own the domain name, you can keep it for as long as
you live or longer (as long as you pay the bill). 

If you change ISPs just forward the email to a new address
or box so that you still get all the mail that goes to your
biz email address. Most servers have pop boxes that you can
set up to catch your email (and most of them have limits to
how much email they will hold so you better download your
email fairly often). 

There are even services out there where you can set up a pop
box once you buy a domain name (don't worry if you're not a
techie, all you have to do normally is fill out a form or 
something and your pop email box is up and working for you -
ready to catch your email). You don't even have to have a
web site hosted anywhere, just buy the name and many domain
name registrars will Give you a pop email box and/or email

Here are some places to look that may offer this service:


Also: http://www.GetDomain4Me.com  is a directory of several
other registrars you might want to check with. 

When you own YOURDOMAIN.COM you can move as many times as
you want and folks will still be able to find you via email
at SALES@domain.com or whatever Permanent address you


Domains names are so cheap anymore I can not imagine anyone
trying to run their biz from a hotmail account or an AOL
(the worst dial up ISP by the way) account, or any other
account that may close them down, or close down altogether. 

 Another Option 

You could also take out one of our Follow-Up responders (you
need at least one of these to run your biz anyway), and any

email that gets sent to: 


Will be forwarded to whatever email address you give us. We
will have to change it for you when you change ISP or email
accounts. But just let us know and we will be happy to do it
for you. To get all the details on our responders see: 


 Don't Use Funky Backgrounds 
 Or Stationary In Your Biz Emails 

If you are reading this in our HTML format, it is probably 
because you asked for HTML email. We always give folks the 
option of reading our issues online or they can subscribe 
to a Text Only list. 

If you want to impress Grandma or Mom with your ability to
add a color or image to the background of your email, I
guess that is OK. BUT, Never use a color ANY Color or image
as a back ground in your business emails. We are not talking
about all HTML email here (if it has a color background it
has to be HTML), but those Funky background colors that make
email SOOOO hard to read. DON'T DO IT! 

Plain black type on a standard white (no color) background
works best. Many folks (especially outside of the US) are 
still not able to read html or color email, so you will be 
losing them. Even if they can read html email, your funky 
colors and/or stationary images may impede them from seeing
your whole message. SO DON'T DO IT! Not in your business. 

Fancy will lose customers for you when it comes to email. If
you do send something in html, always give the option to
read it online where they can look at your message through
their browser (which can see html), but still you need to
have a color scheme that does not hide your message, or make
it hard to read. Funky looking web pages are a whole other
topic that is a subject for another article. 

One last thing on email. There are starting to be a lot of 
these Spam killer type service that block all your email 
until someone clicks here or goes there and fills out a form
or some such thing. DON'T USE IT - not with your business
email account. You will lose business.

Learn to use your email program to filter out SPAM for your
business account. You want the option to look at it all
anyway, but you sure don't want anyone else having control
over what email comes through to your business. It will cost
you sales.

Put these simple rules to use and watch your online biz grow
as more and more customers can not only find you, but can 
understand what you are telling them, and can easily make 
their purchases from you - now and for years to come! 
Finally -- a Simple, Web-Based Training, Recruiting, and 
Motivating System that Teaches You Step-By-Step How to Make
Real Money Online with your MLM or Home Biz Offer! You can
start inexpensively with our system and earn TONS of money
online! I did, and I'll teach you exactly how I did it FR*EE
Here => http://oiopro.com/cash/kosoma/fcourse.shtml

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Top 3 Reasons Why Web Marketers Fail
& What You Can Do To Avoid Them
By Doug West
(c) 2005 Kosoma Publishing 

So you have tried to market your offers, or home biz deal,
on the Internet and things have just not worked out for
you! You hear about all the folks out there who are getting
rich online, and you wonder why success has not yet come
your way. If this applies to you, this article can help you
find hidden mistakes in your marketing efforts and how to
avoid them.

Reason #1) They put up their web site, and then wonder why
no visitors are coming. In other words, they do nothing and
wonder why they are not making any money.

This is the number one killer for your ebiz, or any
business for that matter. You MUST do something if you want
your business to grow and prosper. There are many options
that you can use on the Internet for getting visitors to
your site. Find out what works best for you, and then keep
doing it. But, you MUST do something!

Reason #2) Ineffective Ad Copy or Web Site Copy.

Let's face it; if you don't have compelling ad copy no one
is going to visit your site from your marketing efforts. If
and when you get visitors to your site, the message on your
web site must be compelling enough to get them to fill out
a form, or ask for more information. If you don't have the
experience or skill of writing good copy, you have two

1) You can learn how to write copy 
2) You can hire someone to write the copy for you

In my opinion learning to write your own copy is best. Who
knows your business better than you? I have paid ones to
write copy for me before and have never been happy with the
result. There are good copywriters out there to be sure,
but they won't treat your project like their baby - because
it is not! Learn how to do it yourself, and you can launch
a new product or service any time you get ready!

A few programs exist that will help you write better copy.
Of the ones we have investigated, we prefer Yanic Silver's
Instant Sales Letters at: 

Reason #3) This reason really ties in with the first 2,
yet is important enough to be in it's own category. Here it
is: ==> Folks Don't Read Enough!

You would think that this would not be a problem on the
Internet, but it is a HUGE one! I'm not sure why people get
online and then don't read or do any homework, but they
don't. The net is all about information, and if you want to
take advantage of the possibilities, you better learn to

I must spend a couple grand each year or more buying
books, ebooks, and other info products. If you are in
business not only is this necessary but you can write off
the cost of educating yourself. 

Too many would-be entrepreneurs feel they can skimp in
this area. Not only do they not purchase any study
material, but they won't read any free content either. Then
you have the group that does purchase books and other
material for their business, and then they never take time
to read it. What a waste! They probably have an ebook or
other info product right there on their hard drive and they
simply forgot they have it, or won't take time to do any

There you have it, the top 3 reasons why folks fail in
their online marketing efforts. To avoid this in your own
business simply:

· Do something (don't set on your hands and expect business
 to come to you)
· Work on your ad copy and web site copy or hire a 
· Do your homework - READ!
Finally -- a Simple, Web-Based Training, Recruiting, and 
Motivating System that Teaches You Step-By-Step How to Make
Real Money Online with your MLM or Home Biz Offer! You can
start inexpensively with our system and earn TONS of money
online! I did, and I'll teach you exactly how I did it FR*EE
Here => http://oiopro.com/cash/kosoma/fcourse.shtml

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by Doug West
(c) 2005 Kosoma Publishing 

These days, many companies offer free or low cost web
sites to their distributors or affiliates. I have spoken with many
would be MLM netrepreneurs that figure they will get the
company site, and start raking in TONS of leads and sales 
with it. SORRY, "it just doesn't work that way". 

Some have even paid for click through visits to their
affiliate, or MLM site to no avail. While this technique may
work for ones who are selling their own e-books or other
products, don't expect to get rich offering someone else's
products that way, and that goes for your MLM company
merchandise too. 

Banner ads are another online advertising medium that
normally won't work well for MLM folks. Search engine
rankings won't work either for most distributors or
affiliates (who have nothing more than a company site to
submit to the engines). 


The best advertising medium we have used time and again
is ezine advertising - specifically Solo Ads where your
ad goes out to a list all by itself. Pay-per-click search
engines work fair too, but no matter what type of
marketing you do, you will need to have the proper tools
set up.

Once you find the best way to generate traffic or leads
you need to capture their names and email addresses, and
then follow up on them. The best way to do that is with a
follow up auto responder. Two of the better ones are:

Get Response   http://www.getresponse.com/


(Less than GR with most of the features)

Once you have your sales letters loaded, your follow up
marketing will be on auto pilot. You can set up a web page
that gives just a little info on your biz opp or product,
and includes a form for your visitors to fill out. You
should set the form up so that it triggers your follow up
responder. The 2 systems mentioned above have a feature that
will make the form for you and let your prospects remove
themselves from your list (a very important feature as you
don't want to be doing this all manually). These systems
will also personalize your outgoing letters with the
person's name if their name appears on the same line with
the email address. Here is an example: 



Doug West <Doug@kosoma1.com> 

Some email programs don't put the person's name in-line with
the address. You have no doubt seen both types. That is
another reason to use a form. You need at least 2 fields,
one for the name, and one for the email address. You might
want to ask for the phone, and best time to call. Here is an
example of a form we use:


It does not give them much info, but does gather the name
and email for us, and places them on the same line. Again, a
good responder system will give you the code for you form.
Just copy and paste it into your web page. 

Here is another lead form we use:


Notice the form at the bottom of the page. The box for
comments, and experience has worked better than we could
have imagined! Some folks will type their whole life story
in there. That is Great when you go to call them. You
already have some info about the person, and sometimes feel
like you know them. 


You probably are not going to have web space on the server
of your MLM company for setting up forms etc. So, you will
probably want to look into getting your own domain. This is
really a little expense (average of $15/mo) when you compare
it to the potential you have. 

Mini sites are a term that is popular these days. Basically
they are just one or two page sites that focus on one
specific offer. Normally they are just a few pages. You
might want to set a mini site up for each mlm or affilate
program you are involved in. Here is a company that offers a
great hosting deal for mini sites. You can have up to 200
domains hosted on the same account:


Just be sure that your MLM company will allow you to put
things up on the web. We have had ones say it was OK, and
then tell us to take it down once we build up the traffic.
That can be a HUGE waste of time and money for you.
Nutritional MLMs are the most strict about content on your
web site. After all, they don't need the FDA coming down on
them for something a distributor has on their personal web
site. Just be sure what you can and cannot do Before you
begin your strategy. 

To conclude, you need a way to follow up on your prospects,
and the best way is to automate the process. Chances are not
very good of someone visiting your web site, and just
signing up for your program, or purchasing your product(s).
It is going to take a few contacts normally to even get them
to look at what you have to offer. Ezine and Solo ads are
probably the best way to advertise online for MLM prospects.
Look for ezines and newsletters that cater to the Home Biz
and MLM crowd. Set up a CO-OP with those in your group. If
you are just starting out, go upline for help. 

You may want to offer a FREE REPORT on MLM or Networking in
your ads (feel free to use this report as long as you
include the box at the end). We have offered a Free Report
on MLM recruiting techniques for years in our marketing. Of
course, anyone who wants that type of a report is a good
prospect for your offer. 

Don't forget to do your homework. The net is full of
excellent "How To" info for you. Much of it Free of charge.
You should take the time to learn from others mistakes and
successes. Once you get your follow up system in place and
your ads out, you can turn your online lead generation into
a lean and mean recruiting machine!
Finally -- a Simple, Web-Based Training, Recruiting, and 
Motivating System that Teaches You Step-By-Step How to Make
Real Money Online with your MLM or Home Biz Offer! You can
start inexpensively with our system and earn TONS of money
online! I did, and I'll teach you exactly how I did it FR*EE
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