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By Doug West & Doug West.
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Are You Pulling Your Hair Out and Stretching your Brain Trying to Figure Out How to Build Your MLM Business Online?

I make my living online and have since 1997. In order to help clean up all the hype and garbage in this home biz industry that I love, I have put together this FREE COURSE that is literally changing people's lives and turning downlines and sales teams into High-Tech Sales-Recruiting Money Machines. Quit pulling your hair out and sign up for this free email training course right now by clicking here.

This course will help you build any GOOD MLM program or home biz offer you may be working. I say "Good" because there is a LOT of junk out there. You will even discover how to tell if an offer or biz opp is worth your time to build. Learn about proven online ad sources and which ones to stay away from.

Have you been pulling your hair out and Stretching your brain trying to figure out what works online? Until NOW there was not many proven leaders willing to share their secrets with you - at least not for FREE!

You have no doubt seen the claims of "$1,000,000 in 24 Hours" etc. etc. etc., on and on and on. If you belive that hype or want to follow the Internet Gurus (who have suddenly become MLM pros, because they know how to sell e-books and info products online with no history in networking) who are introducing a new "Latest Greatest Plan" every few weeks, this course may not be for you (although it will give you solid reasons for staying away from those type of offers). BUT, if you are willing to build something that will last and take PROVEN steps to get there, you owe it to yourself, family, and orgainization to get this FREE COURSE NOW.

So now I'm offering you the chance to Discover the exact same system I'm using to build my business, increase my sales, and keep my downline motivated at the same time. All you have to do is enroll in this Free Course.

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Here are The Top Ten Reasons Folks Fail In Their Online Biz or MLM Efforts:

  1. They Do Nothing and expect the business to work for them.
  2. They Try To Work Too Many Biz Offers or Businessess at Once. You will learn how to add income streams without distracting yourself or team mates. You can and should have more than one source of income, but if you try to do this wrong, especially in MLM, you are setting yourself and downline up for failure.
  3. They Run Out of Folks To Talk To. Look, telling your new team members to start out by talking to their "Warm Market" - Friends, Family, Neighbors etc. is old fashion, and it will Doom Them To Failure - Don't Do It! There are too many ways to generate a constant flow of prospects. If done right, you should Never Run Out of potential members of your team to send your MLM offer to.
  4. They Choose The Wrong Company - we are not only referring to a company that does not have much to offer or one that is doomed to fail (although that certainly is a problem in the home biz industry - Especially in MLM!), but what about picking something that is just not right for you! How do you know BEFORE you start? That is also covered in the free course.
  5. No Training or Ineffective Training for your team. This one can be solved fairly easily. You want to make sure that your new members know what to do. With the right program, your team can be a High-Powered Marketing Machine! Without it, you are sure to fail.
  6. Folks Waste Money On Ineffective Advertising & Marketing Methods. What if you had a Guranteed List Of Highly Responsive Online Ad Sources and so did everyone on your team? That would help your biz get to new heights MUCH faster! 100% Guaranteed.
  7. They Don't Get Off To A Good Start! This free course will help you solve this easily. Just put a few of the proven techniques to work in your MLM or sales biz.
  8. They Don't Feel Good About What They Are Doing. The new rep is already doubting if they can do this. If they are successful, and you have a great product, there is no excuse for this failure reason. As I was writing this I was teaching my grandson a few things on the PC. He is only 5 years old. I want you to feel as great about the home biz industry as I do! How else can you stay home and spend time with the ones you love, while you are earning a living? YOU CAN, and this free course will help you see that.
  9. Once They Have a Biz Up & Running They don't Sustain it to Keep it Going, and the biz falls apart! You need to know how to automate some things with your biz - that's true! However, you NEVER want to just walk away while it is cash-flowing. You also don't want to turn everything over to someone else. It is Your Baby! Discover what you Should and what you Should Not delegate to someone else!
  10. They Don't Keep in Touch With Their Downline and/or Customers. With Internet Marketing, this should never happen. How often should you contact your team or customers? What should you say when you do? How can you squeeze more income from your customer and downline lists? How should you manage the lists?

We will cover these in depth in the course and, more importantly, you will learn how to overcome these common problems.

Just in Case You're Wondering Who Doug West is and Why He is Qualified to Help You Make Money with Your MLM or Home Biz Offer...

Read this portion of an interview done by SFI magazine with him. Doug is not working the SFI biz, nor is he encouraging anyone else to do so, this is just part of an interview they did with him (SFI seeks out top earners in MLM and home biz for their printed publication, you can order a back issue with Doug's interview if you like). Click Here To read the excerpt.

Fact: You Can Build Your MLM and/or Home Business Online
But There Are Some Pitfalls You Need To Avoid
And Some Automation Tools You Need To Use!

With the right tools in place, you can....

    Drive visitors to your site for pennies and also track your advertising results. Also, discover where to advertise, and where NOT to spend your marketing dollars.

    Automatically follow-up with your visitors and turn them into Productive Members Of Your Team!

    Fire Up Dead Weight Members of Your Downline or Sales Team! One BIG problem in MLM is keeping your downline motivated. In our Free Course you will discover how to change those do-nothing members into Stars on your team!
    Repeat this process again and again with an unlimited number of prospects, and you could soon become one of Top Reps for your MLM or sales company!
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